This is a post to inform my followers and clientele that I am to be slowly releasing videos on my Youtube and Vimeo channels over the next coming months. These include reading forecasts, spiritual talks, prayers, meditations, yoga, and much more that will be uploaded throughout the month.

This has been years in the making with many unposted trial and error attempts – in fact, since 2015 when I first received the idea of Guided Sessions and was inspired to make an online video based business. I have done so many in-person and phone spiritual services professionally through other businesses for the past 4 years and am now so happy to be an independent entrepreneur doing solely the modality I knew I always resonated best with – videos.

Throughout the hardship years of the rough parts of my ascension since I moved to Los Angeles, online video readers, healers, and teachers have helped me so very much. I hope to pay it forward! Please subscribe 🙂 Thank you all!

Much love,


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