Looking for an impactful spiritual service to help you find your own clarity, healing, and empowerment? Cherry Blossom Spirituality offers recorded video spiritual services. This is the online based spiritual business of Kristin Mothersbaugh. Her approach is to “blossom the spirit” for each client to awaken and align to their highest potential.

For examples and more information on the services as well as spiritual teachings, visit the Youtube & Vimeo channels. Many positive blessings to you and thank you for checking out the business. Hope you have a wonderful day!

About Kristin

Kristin grew up in the American midwest where she cultivated a life-long interest in all things fantastical and mystical. Although she is naturally empathic, her spiritual journey catalyzed as a teenager with the death of an immediate family member. It spurred a passionate search for spiritual truth, wisdom, and the need to help others on this path as well. She is a learned psychic; opening up her clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience through years of challenging self-work, spiritual exploration, and giving many readings to her loved ones. It then truly developed when she became an energy healer and started doing this work professionally at different businesses. She has been reading, healing, and teaching spiritual classes professionally for multiple years and is happy to offer her own independent company of Cherry Blossom Spirituality online from Los Angeles, CA where she resides. She chose recorded video as her medium to offer services because it is most resonant with her.

She is certified in Yoga Teaching (200 Hr. RYT), Reiki (Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpiden Reiki Master & Teacher), Fairyology, Angelic Healing, Shamanic Universal Soul Retreival, Akashic Records Reading, and has years of professional tarot, oracle, and rune reading as well as meditation teaching experience.

In addition to spiritual work, Kristin is also an actor and filmmaker. More information can be found at: www.kristinmothersbaugh.com.

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“Kristin has graced me with four tarot readings now, and the messages she channels from my guides are always specific, positive, and very empowering. The readings always leave me with so much clarity on how to proceed – whether it’s how to navigate a complicated work situation, or how to tackle my personal passions, or how to connect more with my family. Every time we work together, I make a major spiritual breakthrough. Thank you Kristin for helping me pursue my highest vibrational path!” – Grace

“I cannot recommend Kristin enough. She is such a beautiful soul as well as a powerful reader/healer. I have had many readings with her as well as reiki energy healing and am always amazed by her. She has a lovely gentle energy, and works with total integrity. Her readings are incredibly accurate, insightful & helpful.. and delivered with genuine care which makes her all the more impressive. She channels information and divine healing energy so effortlessly and beautifully.  I’m so grateful to have found her!” – C.A.

“Kristin is a naturally generous, kind, and passionate person and these traits really come through in her work. She creates a very trusting and loving environment and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in her services. She’s a true, compassionate healer.” – Megan D.

“CBS has been a positive tool to better get to know myself, grow, and achieve my greatest potential during my time on this earth.  Kristin’s healing capabilities, kind nature, and breadth spiritual knowledge is what keeps me a repeat, long-time customer. I highly recommend her gifts and expertise to anyone seeking some guidance toward a path of their greatest and highest good.  The reiki and shamanic experiences I have had with her, in addition to continued tarot guidance I have received from her have been so important in my healing journey and breakthroughs.” – Heidi C.

“I don’t know what I would do without Kristin! My tarot reading experiences with her have always been so wonderful and extremely helpful and accurate. I love her warm and generous spirit, every time I see her I am left feeling better. She has a life long customer with me.” – Roxanne

“I had an amazing experience with Kristin. We did a half hour generalized Angel Healing session. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. During the session I truly felt the presence of my angels helping to release energy blockages and emotional issues I’ve had in my life. I could also feel the reiki calming and relaxing my body and mind. Upon going about the rest of my day I felt happier and lighter than I had in awhile. Anxiety and worry are vastly diminished. I appreciate having this session with Kristin, she is a gifted healer and I believe she will be very successful with future Angel Healings.” – Morgan

“During my Shamanic Universal Soul Retrieval healing, I experienced two big releases in my heart chakra. I feel like I hold a lot of wounds here, which made sense why I was feeling a lot in this area. There were also visuals that came up, such as me looking upwards into an opening from a building and the opening looked like it was breathing. I felt the inhale & the exhale. Then I’m looking seeing an unborn child (maybe my own) floating upwards towards the opening & then a confetti of reds & pinks falls down as this child is being lifted away. I’m not sure if it was a sign that maybe my child has a higher connection to another Source or it could a different meaning. Either way, it was beautiful. Then, there was a moment when I felt something gently pull my shoulders up as if I was being lifted. There was another moment when I felt like I was “home”. I felt my head looking upwards towards the sky & feeling a sort of heat radiate my face. Keep in mind, I was indoors & there was no warmth whatsoever around me. I almost cried because of this emotion.” – Mumtaj

“I had an Angelic Healing session with Kristin and it was definitely an experience to remember. Kristin was so sweet, attentive, and comforting throughout the entire session. She made sure that I was informed about how the session would begin, occur, and end, and that I was comfortable with the prayers she did before hand. She also guided me so excellently along with her, helping me align and connect with my intentions for the healing so I wouldn’t forget them in my state of relaxation or have scattered energy. Throughout the process she made sure I was comfortable and didn’t have any places of stress or tension in my body and once I did discover some around my head, she proceeded so professionally and tenderly to release the built up tension, which allowed the healing energy to flow more easily. Kristin exuded such a genuine, loving, and nurturing energy throughout the entire experience that made me feel really safe for this type of personal inner healing work. I was able to visualize throughout the session and saw some images and archetypes that helped me understand my subconscious a lot more for more personal growth and development. Kristin explained to me what she saw and which Angels were with me, along with a description of these Angels and how I could connect with them more. It was very informative and rewarding. When I got home later that evening, I mediated and focused on the same intentions as I had in the angelic healing session with Kristin, and I experienced something like never before. I saw and felt a radiant and powerful pure white light shine before my eyes and over take my vision countless times and then felt a presence kneel before me with their palm out facing my third eye as if they were sending me more healing energy. I am certain this was an angel. This was something that I would definitely do again and I thank Kristin so much for the enlightening experience. I would definitely recommend her and the healing session to anyone who was interested.” -Oscar

“I had an angelic healing with Kristin. I find it a lot easier to feel just comfortable in my skin, I am more clairsentient when it comes to tarot and intuition, I love myself more, and treat myself. One night when I reached a meditative state, I called upon my angels and as soon as I did that, my rebirth magic candle cracked in half and had just ended to reveal it’s stones. Quite a powerful experience 🙂 i also feel a lot safer in sticky situations.” – Tara